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Purification 11

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For an explanation of this series, read the introduction here.

Hail Qererti, coming forth from Amenti, I do not fornicate with minors.

Qererti is an epithet for Ausir, which means “He who is in his caverns,” Amenti meaning “the West” which is the traditional orientation for the Duat. 

A note on the translation by Rev. Siuda:

Quite literally, the purification is dedicated to Wesir, "He Who is in His Caverns" (Qererti) in the West (Amenti). It speaks against, again quite literally while still remaining readable by our younger members, "having sex with a sex-boy." There’s a play on words here. The verb nek, the most vulgar way to say "intercourse" in Egyptian, is played off of the very similar looking word "nekek," literally a prepubescent boy who is used to nek — a child prostitute.

It is interesting that the ancient Kemetics had this view about sexual relations with minors.  I read in another book that pederasty (sex between two men, commonly with one of them being a minor) was a common and accepted thing in ancient Greece.  That the Kemetics have a point of view that is similar to our modern one is a good thing, but even then, I think we should be aware that there are going to sometimes be discrepancies between what was accepted then and what is accepted now.  Rather than the words be law themselves, I think the spirit of the law, and the moral concerns which governed them should guide us.

With this purification I will remember that children were cherished in Kemet, and also be aware of not only the differences of the Kemetic culture with my own, but also that which brings us together. 


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August 21, 2010 at 9:19 pm

Purification 8

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For an explanation of this series, read the introduction here.

Hail Fiery One, coming forth backwards, I do not speak lies.

A note on the Fiery One.  This is an epithet for Wadjet, whose role was to protect Ra by fitting spire at his enemies.  Rev. Siuda gives us the meaning of “coming forth backwards”:

The phrase "going forth backwards," rather than supplying a specific geographical locality, suggests this particular uraeus is not a "local god," but the one sitting on the crown of Wesir, whose chamber lies just to the West of the purification proceedings in the Pert em Hru. To "go backwards" in Kemetic also means "to go to the right" or "to go east (against the track of the sun)." So one is now made aware that his or her truth in these invocations is being checked against the Ultimate Authority: Wesir and His all-seeing Eye of Ra.

Now, like Purification 6, this purification is also about speech.  I was going to say this is pretty straight-forward, except actually, there are many variations of lies, a list of which can be found on wikipedia. 

I think it would be good to familiarize one’s self with the many different types of lies.  Perhaps what in the US American culture would be considered a “white lie” might not be tolerated in the Kemetic culture.  Or on the other hand, perhaps lie by exaggeration would have been an effective business methodology!  Rather than nitpick and guess about What Would Ancient Kemetics Do, take this opportunity to examine how you use language and whether you are using it to consciously cause Ma’at to flourish.

With this purification, I will try to be conscious of how my language brings about Ma’at, and whether the model of "the silent man" may be more appropriate to the situation.

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August 19, 2010 at 8:40 am