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Purification 6

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For an explanation of this series, read the introduction here.

Hail Pair of Lions, coming from Heaven, I do not distort speech (khebet).

Rev. Siuda clarifies the symbolism behind the Pair of Lions:

Purification Six invokes the blessing of the "Pair of Lions of Heaven," Who are Shu and Tefnut in Their Names of "Yesterday" and "Today. Their symbol, a pair of lions seated with Their backs to each other, echoes the hieroglyph for "horizon" (a pair of hills matching the rims of the Nile Valley). Each lion oversees one part of Ra’s journey: either the rise into a new day ("today") or the set into the end of a day ("yesterday"). Being the movement of time rather than gods of any city or state, a purification dedicated to Yesterday and Today under heaven is very powerful.

A further clarification of the word distort is to give a false, perverted, or disproportionate meaning to, or to misrepresent.  These are some of the ways that lies manifest.  One can lie by not only saying untrue things, but also by implying a different meaning to what you say than what another person understands.  I think this is not only an admonition to not lie, but also to be careful with one’s speech that it ring true in its simplicity, rather than be elusive with speech or make outright falsehoods. 

We come to know each other through words.  Let us not mask ourselves, but rather be true to one another.  With this purification I will not distort my speech, and will deliver the necessary words in their time.


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August 15, 2010 at 11:17 am