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Purification 14

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For an explanation of this series, read the introduction here.

Hail Hot-feet, coming forth from the dawn, I do not damage myself with lies.

Hot-feet is an epithet for Set. 

In Purification 8 I wrote about lying in general.  This purification deals more with the understanding that lies not only harm those around you, but also yourself.  The ancient Kemetics make clear here that they not only value being able to present ones’ self as pure in front of the netjeru, but also that one take care to prove themselves of good character.  Part of that ties into being polite and humble to others, as well as taking care to be true of voice.  By lying we damage our own character and make others see us in a poor light.  Social harmony is important to the maintenance of Maat. 

Besides damaging character, we increase our chances of being eaten by Ammit.  With each lie, with each act of Isfet, we make our heart more heavy.  At the end of our travels through the Duat our heart is weight against the feather of Maat, to see if our actions as a whole were just enough that they were as light as the feather of she who personifies order. 

With this purification I caution all to be conscious of our actions not only to maintain Maat, but also to avoid destruction.


Written by Bastemhet

September 10, 2010 at 12:35 am