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As part of my spiritual growth, I decided to create a blog to map out some of my thoughts and keep notes that I can search later on.  The thing is, with all the research I do, I don’t often set aside a time to write digestible essays/write-ups (is that redundant?) and hence my fallible memory will end up forgetting certain details.  This is ungood.  An online blog is preferable to a written one because 1.) I will never lose it, 2.) I type much faster than I write, 3.) I’m completely anal about cleanliness and would hate to ruin a perfectly good journal by my writing in it, 4.) SEARCH FUNCTION, 5.) this might actually help others with their own spiritual path, in which case…yay!

Although Bast is my primary goddess (and she will eventually get her own post with all the due glory that will require), I would like to dedicate this blog to Seshat.  She is a goddess who excels at record keeping, writing, architecture, wisdom/knowledge, measuring, history, recording, etc.  Basically, she is, at least in my experience, a pretty bad ass librarian type with great taste in clothing (leopard print dress?  Nice).  I’ve asked her to come hang out with me while I do some research work before, and with her help, have come across things in their time for which I give her due honor.


To you Seshat, I offer this your Eye of Heru, that it may sustain you in Maat.

offering table

Let the learning commence!


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July 22, 2010 at 4:15 am

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