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Baths and Purity

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Not necessarily a real post, but just a thought.  One of the reasons I don´t commit to a daily ritual is the whole purity issue.  I don´t think there´s anything wrong with it, and it´s fitting for it to be a requirement in the Senut ritual (Kemetic Orthodox daily ritual).  Having to commit to taking a shower every time I want to do a ritual is fairly difficult, if only because I have a baby to take care of, and even though there are people around most of the time who don´t mind grabbing her for a little bit, I can´t justify the almost full house just to do religious things when I have to be preparing a bottle or cleaning a poopy cloth diaper.  

This is where Purity Wipes would come in handy.  It´s the lazy layman´s answer to ritual purity in a pinch!  They would be like diaper wipes or makeup wipes, but made with natron for all your purity needs!  How awesome would that be?  Just a quick swipe, and you´d be ready to get down to ritual business!  


Anyway, speaking of ritual cleanliness, you can find some Spiritual Baths handmade to order from the Nisut of House of Netjer herself over here until the end of the week if you want yours in time for Wep Ronpet, if you´re celebrating any time soon.  I´d love one for myself, but money being tight right now, it´s not an option for me.  


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July 12, 2012 at 4:52 pm

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Current Projects

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This is more a reminder post for me than anything else, but I do think it can be interesting to see what other people in the faith are doing.

1. Besides being an active member in the HoN and KIN boards, I plan on trying to make a Kemetic Devotional based on everyday ways to live in Ma’at.  I’ve gotten the Karenga book on Ma’at as a moral ideal, and plan on studying it to find quotes or ideas on how to live in Ma’at and maybe from there find or write prompts to let other people in the Kemetic community contribute.  I would like to donate part of the proceeds to a charity, so that the act of buying the book itself is an act of Ma’at!  I know I’ve pretty much abandoned going over the purifications I started this blog with, but I wasn’t really feeling the setup.

2. As part of a work trade for the cost of my RPD since I’m currently jobless, I’ve been translating the Beginner’s Lessons of HoN into Spanish. This is quite the project and time consuming since I have my boyfriend go over the finished results and there is still a lot of correcting to do, but I’m happy this helps the community and also gives me a chance to work on my Spanish, even if I am basically fluent already.

3. I’ve recently gotten the book and card deck for the Anubis Oracle since I’ve had such good results with it, and I also just ordered the Shamanic Mysteries of Ancient Egypt book that contains meditations on the netjeru.  I hope to use the cards as a way to communicate with Akhu, or rather, have a more tangible way to communicate with them rather than just hunches.  I really look forward to getting into divination again.  I’ve dabbled with the Rider Waite and Osho Zen tarot decks but I never really resonated with them.  The artwork with the Anubis Oracle is pretty nice, and it’s good to have been able to find something that works within my own context (even if there is a bunch of shamanic concepts thrown in there, I’ll have to decide whether I want to incorporate that into my practice or not).

4. This is more a personal thing but I just started using Evernote and have put it on sharing to everyone.  I keep my Kemetic research notes on there.  Here are the links:

5. Future projects include re-writing myths as children’s stories, and having my sister illustrate them.  This also helps her since it gives her something to put on her resume, and I would love to see more children’s lit. out there considering I want something to share with my daughter as well.

6. Upcoming posts include a massive link list to the best of the best in resources that I’ve come across so far.  I also plan on visiting my Akhu this weekend for the Wab festival, so I hope to write something up on that.


I’m currently in the U.S. visiting friends and family so I’m not sure how active I can be online, but I figured I might as well get this stuff down before I forget anything.  What are your projects?

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August 17, 2011 at 7:55 pm

Wep Ronpet: The year of change

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Yesterday I did Senut for the first time, as well as the heka working of slaying Apep in the ceremony provided in the KO forums.  It went well, with an outpouring of the heart to Netjer (I had no idea I had so much to say) and spontaneous singing (can’t remember what lyrics I made up now).  It was good to be bathed in the presence of the divine, and something that I truly think I was lacking.

I think this is a good time to write about why I’ve decided to actively participate in HoN instead of only doing reconnaissance there.  It’s been almost a year and a half since I first took the beginner’s course and stayed on as a Remetj (back before the re-ordering of Year 19 and the definitions of what someone should believe to become a Remetj).  I was mainly only active at the Reformed Kemeticism SIG at the Cauldron, and that served its purpose for a while.  However most of my practice has only been research without actually doing anything.  I tend to get bogged down easily with Stuff I Have To Do, and becoming pregnant, being jobless, and being an American expat living in Spain has helped to add to that stress.  However I see this new Kemetic year as a chance to start afresh, to get rid of my lazyness and start doing.  I promised myself I would do Senut once a week, and I think I can do that, thanks to the support of my boyfriend.  It was thanks to him that even though we spent hours at his mother’s house celebrating her birthday last night that I ended up purifying myself and doing the celebration anyway from 1-2 AM.  I know it’s technically the next day but since the location is based in America, it was still Aug.3.  That might not sound too late but when you’re pregnant and used to sleeping at a certain time it can be very tough.

I have been examining a lot of my beliefs and found that what I believe is not so different from what KO dogma espouses.  And I think being a member of the new Kemetic Interfaith Network and the Kemetic SIG and the House forums will sate that craving I’ve had of community.  I hope to contribute to the community and also allow my practice to grow as I grow this baby. 

I also plan on doing Ritual Parent Divination.  Ironically, mine will be the first of the new year.  I have had to ask myself whether I can trust Rev. Siuda as a spiritual teacher, and the answer is yes.  And it has made me aware of who I am- I naturally don’t trust any authority figures simply for being authority figures.  I had to talk to her and explore her understandings to come to trust them.  But even more, I trust that the netjeru will communicate with me what they want to communicate no matter what the medium.  I have had a calling saying that doing this will be the next step in my spiritual evolution, and I’m excited to greet new netjeru as well as strengthen my prior personal devotion to Bast.  This is a formative time, especially since I’ve had to change to prepare myself to be a mother as well.  I ask the netjeru to give me their blessings, and I hope they give their blessings to all the children of the faith as well.

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August 4, 2011 at 10:17 am

Monolatry is not monotheism

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In my last post on monolatry I mentioned I would explore how monolatry is not a monotheism.  I think the information in the last post combined with this information from Wim van den Dungen’s article "On Henotheism."  All quotes are from this article.

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July 29, 2011 at 7:22 pm