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Purification 9

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For an explanation of this series, read the introduction here.

Hail Bone-Breaker, coming forth from Neni-nisut (Hierakonpolis), I do not carry off the offering-bread.

This epithet belongs to Heru-Wer.  Rev. Siuda says the “offering-bread” translation can also mean the entirety of the offerings at the temple that day. 

The food that was offered at temples were “reverted” to the priests to eat after the netjer had eaten hir share.  This would not be considered stealing.  The key is that the priests had done the reversion before taking the offering.  This is an admonition to not partake of the offering before the netjer has had hir share.  That which you offer should be set aside specifically for the netjer, and given to them before you munch on it yourself.  According to this, then, leftovers are probably not OK.  I think if anyone is at a loss for what to give the netjeru, the traditional bread and water is a sure thing.

With this purification I will remember to conserve that which is for the netjeru apart from that which I will conserve for myself.


Written by Bastemhet

August 19, 2010 at 7:46 pm