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In a dream.  Mother but not her.  The body is different but the essence the same.  The body shifts, melds, there she is.  She smiles sadly.  She wants to talk to me, tell me many things.  She can’t say much, something pulls her away.  It’s always the same.  She tells me she misses having her senses.  To see, to touch, to taste, to hear, to feel.

In that place between dreaming and waking I wonder, how can you see me without seeing?


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December 2, 2013 at 11:13 am

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Ask, and ye shall receive.

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…as long as you provide an appropriate offering first, of course.  What, you think doing all this stuff doesn’t take time and energy?  Thanks, Mother Bast, for providing when I needed it.  But of course you don’t need to be told how awesome you are, you know that already.  Doesn’t hurt to hear it every now and again, anyway.

So, thanks to a recommendation by SatSekhem I connected with Devo and got to talking with her about astral travel and whether or not I might find some of the info that my ancestors have been telling me I need to look for.  This may or may not turn into an exercise in recording dream travel.  It may be the best way to get at the things in my subconscious that are subtlely poking me and trying to break through.  I know reiki will help me to get more in tune with energy and how to interpret them, so I will continue doing my distance healing and healing myself if I have no volunteers.

I may have mentioned that I have a problem with darkness.  I mean to say that I hate it.  ESPECIALLY the darkness in which you can’t even see your hands.  I chalked this up to childhood traumas, but there may be something more to it.  I especially despise open doors into dark rooms or dark areas (like the closet).  There’s always this feeling that something is going to come through.  And it dawned on me today that doors ARE portals, after all (as well as mirrors and windows, but it’s the doors + dark combo that really gets me).  This is probably not so much an unfounded fear as I thought.  Do any of my readers have any advice on energetically blocking off doorways that I don’t want any creepers getting through?

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December 23, 2012 at 7:33 pm

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