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Introducing: My Anubis Oracle Deck

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I found out about this oracle deck while looking around the KIN forums.  I’ve always been interested in tarot card reading and had worked with a few, namely the Rider-Waite deck (just didn’t speak to me) and the Osho Zen oracle deck (not that into Zen, so it didn’t exactly mesh well with me either), but was looking for something that had more to do with my religious lens of choice.  I had used the oracle online with pretty accurate results, so I decided to buy the deck to have a physical copy for myself.  Now, I’m not really into shamanism (read: not at all) so there is a lot of “extra stuff” in these cards, some of it borderline fluffy.  There is a lot of emphasis on transformation and personal growth, so from the readings online I take the descriptions and find key words in them that end up answering the question I had in mind, so it works.

I recently came across a blog post on Adventures on the Dusken Path that goes into how each tarot deck has its own spirit, and even how to confirm what the deck is best used for, along with some other helpful information.  I decided to give the layout she posted a try, and am recording the results in hopes that I can later either confirm or deny them.

The layout is five cards, the left three describing the personality of the deck, the fourth middle card what the deck is good at, and the fifth card on the left what the deck is not good at.  Backstory: I originally wanted to use these cards as a way to communicate with my ancestors, and I communicated that with them.  However I may have only used it once or twice, and then left them to the side for a while before coming back to them recently.  I wasn’t sure, then, whether my ancestors would still be using this to communicate or whether it turns out that the spirit of the deck itself is the one doing the talking, so you’ll see how this plays out in the spread.


The results of the spread.

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July 9, 2012 at 3:55 pm

Domestic Religious Practices

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Nehet dropped a link at the Kemetic SIG for an article written about domestic religious practices in Kemet.  While I read it, I’d like to make some notes for myself as a summary so that I don’t have to read all 33 pages next time if I’m trying to look for something.  I’m only including the things I think are relevant to personal practice today.  There is a lot of useful information about the past that might not be as applicable, but still interesting if one decides to read the whole article. 

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September 12, 2010 at 9:56 pm