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Sarduríur’s Academic Sources Guide for the Unversed

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Great resource on how to look for credible sources. My only problem is that personally I used to focus more on the academic than on the lived and experiential. I’ll be working on this for myself, but meanwhile I hope that as many people as possible can read this and incorporate this knowledge into their own personal practice, and most importantly, be conscious of and develop their critical thinking skills.

Shadows of the Sun

Hello once again, gentle readers! It’s your friendly neighborhood Medievalist and former Classical/Near Eastern Studies-ist Sarduríur Freydís Sverresdatter, here with some tips regarding proper sources, academic discernment, and citation. Now in a super-informal colloquial format! Huzzah!

Historical research is a major part of many Polytheist communities. Whether a Revivalist or Reconstructionist, to a lesser or greater degree, we all turn to the written word of History at one point or another. History is the backbone of all we know and understand about ourselves as literate, self-aware creatures. However, many Polytheists have not had formal University training in the professional field of History to any extent. Quite a number of Polytheists, both seasoned practitioners and “newbies” alike, feel lost in the stacks — whether they care to admit it or not — and don’t know where or how to begin to sift through the thousands of publications on any given subject.

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January 4, 2014 at 9:57 am

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It needed to be said. Any pagan of any stripe, please give this a read.

Shadows of the Sun

“There is no such thing as speech that is free. You must pay for everything that you say.”

— Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Sykes, Jarhead

I am about to pay for my words.

This piece will likely make me very unpopular, because I am going to talk about a very large, nasty elephant in the Polytheist room. A very large, nasty elephant that a lot of people aren’t wanting to address with sincerity, much less with any intention of doing something about it.

I accept the impending consequences. I accept the coming backlash, the (intentional) misinterpretation of my words, the spitting of black toads and the toddleresque tantrum-throwing.

Indeed, I welcome it. What better way for my voice to be heard than through reactionary criticism of it? Those that hate me and what I have to say shall be my most adamant and dedicated Word-Bearers.

My only care concerning this…

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March 28, 2013 at 7:02 pm

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The Ancient Egyptian Daybook

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The Ancient Egyptian Daybook

I know I have a relatively small audience, but I think ANY exposure is good exposure.  A lot of people come to my blog because I had posted an alternative to creating a Kemetic calendar, that is, I had an idea for a fixed calendar.  However I don’t have access to festival lists that I can share with you guys.  This project takes care of that problem.  This is a calendar created by an egyptologist who also happens to be a Kemetic practitioner as well. With this calendar you’ll be able to calculate to your own location, and have a sourced list of celebrations and festivals that were celebrated in AE by Kemetics as well.  So far the 1st goal of getting funding for the book has already been surpassed, but we have one week left to get to the last stretch goal to make a mobile calendar app possible.  Please contribute anything you can if you believe in this project.  I can’t wait to receive my own books!

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March 7, 2013 at 8:21 am

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My practice is a non-practice. I’m supposed to do ritual and I don’t, for a couple of reasons: these are things that I know, that don’t need expression to be true- and I also frequently don’t have the spoons, since I’m having a very tough time with my marriage and family problems. This post gives me some good ideas on how to let that knowing become more a part of my daily life without having to step full into ritual land.

Peaceful Awakenings: Reflections of Egypt

Just a few ideas to get you started.

Start training your brain to respond. If you smudge or burn juniper as a purification, do it every time, let your spirit learn that this is a cue; like the dog drools when Pavlov rings the bell, let the smoke teach your soul that this is a cleansing time. Use ritual baths or ritual clothing to train yourself to think of the divine in a ritual-appropriate way when you do that bathing, wear that outfit. Associate ways of doing your hair or pieces of jewelry with particular magical tasks or particular relationships to Powers, so that when you put it up or put it on you are already halfway to completing that alignment.

Steep yourself in symbolism like a good cup of tea. Know a hundred names for your gods so that you can call on the right path at the right…

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February 24, 2013 at 10:13 am

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I just wanted to say a big ole THIS. In my prior post on Kindness ( I tried to show how personal turmoil can paint all other things negatively, and that it´s important to approach others from a sense of calm, empathy and forgiveness. Devo talks about fandom being a problem in this post as a response to a debacle on the KIN blog about Ma´at. I have to say I was surprised by some of the rude, personal attacks made on the author instead of it being simply an exchange of ideas, whether they´re agreed with or not. Breaking things down leave only dust, but building together leaves something that those in the present and future can enjoy.

The Twisted Rope

Alternate title: A is for Aubs is a poopy-head.

This post was sparked by the Great Shopping Cart Debacle of 2013 and this post here.

For those who don’t know about the Great Shopping Cart Debacle, it occurred last week, when someone made a post, discussing ma’at and how she could better live within ma’at, or bring it into their daily life. In this post, she stated that the Shopping Cart Theology was useful for some, but not for her. This then sparked a response post and a host of comments on KIN and Tumblr.

It seems to me that the Kemetic community (if you wish to call it that) is a lot like a fandom. In any given fandom, you tend to have people who believe that the books are better than the movie. You have people who think that you aren’t a true fan unless…

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January 18, 2013 at 10:54 am

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Know Thyself

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Knowing yourself, knowing your limits, is important to treating yourself with kindness.

The Twisted Rope

One of the things I think we pagan folk don’t discuss enough is knowing when enough is enough. And with that, knowing your limits and what you truly can and can’t handle or take on.

Let me illustrate an example.

This year when I went to renew my Sukeikai membership, I didn’t get a new ofuda. For those who don’t know what an ofuda is, it’s something that goes inside of the kamidana. It’s more or less the Shinto version of an open statue. The Kami alight on top of it, or from it. They use it as a door to visit you, your house, this realm, etc. Because of this, you need to treat it like an open statue and take care of it daily. This is part of what makes Jinja Shinto Jinja Shinto. And, well- I’ve been really bad about doing this lately.

In fact, I’ve been…

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January 2, 2013 at 8:37 am

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I really hate feeling vulnerable, but I think this is a truth that everyone needs to hear, especially if you’re like me.

I have a lot of negative thought patterns.  I self-criticize and beat myself up emotionally whenever I commit a mistake.  I call myself a failure that will never live up to what other people want me to be.  I even hate myself sometimes when I emotionally react to others instead of living deliberately.  In the swirling emotions of anger and sadness and fear, I lash out and words come out of my mouth as fast as I can think them.  Seconds later I realize what happened, and the anger I was feeling towards the other person gets compounded into anger at myself.  I punish myself.  I often feel unworthy.  Mistakes made in the present get connected to mistakes made in the past, some of them long, long ago, and swirl and pull me down into a dark muck of despair.  The argument continues, and I don’t know how to stop it anymore.  I know exactly how arguments play out, they’re familiar to me.  What I don’t know how to do is stop the chain reaction and forgive myself, forgive the other person, and let go.

I talked about this with my husband and he told me this anger/sadness that follows me around, hounding me, is like a hungry stray dog.  He says if I feed this dog, it will always come back for more, and will want to eat at my soul when I have nothing else left to give.  If I ignore this dog, however, it will eventually go away.  And every time it comes back, the more I ignore it, the faster it’ll give up and leave me alone.

But I want to take another route.  I want to show this dog kindness.  I want to fill it up fat and thick with a lot of love and happiness.  I want to leave us both fulfilled.  Because I know this dog is really just a part of me that’s starving because I won’t feed it the food it needs.  And I think it will work better this way, feeding the dog.  Feeding it kindness.  Because in the end, I’ll be showing myself kindness too.  Compassion isn’t a one way street.  It doesn’t just apply to other people.  Most importantly of all, it applies to yourself.

Show kindness to yourself.  Don’t let past mistakes repeat themselves endlessly in your mind.  Give them a deadline, if you have to.  “I’ll allow myself to feel bad about this mistake until (this date).”  Any time after this and you’re just letting the wounds fester.  Allow them to heal, instead.  Love yourself, and loving others will come even more easily.  Love yourself, because other people love you too, and there’s a good reason for that.  You have a lot to offer to the world.  Making mistakes is unavoidable.  It’s what you do after that that matters.  And most of all, whether you forgive yourself for it.

All of this is true.

Just for today: 
Do not rise to anger, 
Do not succumb to worry, 
Express Gratitude for all your blessings, 
Apply yourself diligently; 
Manifest Compassion to all beings.

-Dr.Mikao Usui, founder of Usui Reiki

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January 1, 2013 at 7:58 pm

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