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Em hotep! I go by Bastemhet, which is the Kemetic name I chose for myself. It means “Bast is in the heart,” which is particularly meaningful for me since to the ancient Kemetics the heart was the seat of the mind, and today the heart is poetically known as the seat of emotions.

I am a Shemsu of Kemetic Orthodoxy in the House of Netjer.  This means that I´ve had a Ritual Parent Divination in which Bast stepped forward as my Parent (which I expected since I had been working with her for years already) and Seshat-Nit-Nebthet stepped forward as a Beloved.  Being a Shemsu means I have accepted the results of my RPD and I swear to honor those netjeret before any other deities, and also to uphold ma´at.  I was also given a name by my mother, Emkhenetbast.  This has personal meaning to me, so it will not be revealed here.

I find that there are not as many on the Kemetic pagan path as the more popular reconstructionist religions like Hellenic, Celtic, and Norse reconstruction religions. This journal is an attempt to give voice to one person on the Kemetic path, and I hope that it serves to share knowledge of the netjeru and one way that we can worship them to build upon the faith.



Written by Bastemhet

August 4, 2010 at 4:17 am

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