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A while back I purchased an eBook from Biddy Tarot called Tarot Foundations.  I like that it’s in eBook format because I get to put it in my Kindle and take it with me wherever I go.  However due to other priorities I haven’t really been able to do much more than read it.  This is more like a workbook than a book that lays all the meanings down for you.  It provides activities to help deepen your understanding of the tarot.  There are a lot of good ideas including creating a keyword chart (really gonna have to work to find time for this one) but I thought I’d enjoy part of the last day of my four day weekend doing one of the activities, albeit out of order.

This exercise is about focusing on the imagery and symbolism on the cards to create a story about what is happening in the cards, thereby integrating apparent images with intuited rationalization.  I was supposed to choose three cards randomly.  With the first card I’m supposed to write about it using the Scene – Action – Outcome – Moral formula to build a story from the card.  With the second card I’m supposed to write a fairytale story starting with “Once upon a time…”  And finally with the last card I’m supposed to write a story about myself using my present day circumstances, writing about work, a relationship, an event, or even make believe.  While I think this activity is wonderful in theory, I’m pretty daunted by actually doing it.  Oh well, here goes!


The first card I drew was the Knight of Chalices.  It figures I’d get one of the Knights.  One of the things I don’t like about this deck is that all of the Knights are represented by horses, not people.  But that makes sense considering they were only used for chariots, not for being ridden.  Furthermore they’re presented in a vacuum.  There are no backgrounds to speak of, with few props in most cards.  It makes it very difficult to intuit some kind of story, so in the end I’ll have to rely mostly on body language to develop a story.  But I suppose this is the best thing for me- why not start with one of my problem cards?

Scene: Here we see an almost golden looking horse, shining in its brilliance and regalia.  It thrusts its chest out and holds its head high, the plumes of the large green feathers splayed out.  The front legs are straight and proud, and the back legs are moving forward as if it can barely contain its energy. 

Action: This horse may be one of many in a display or parade.  It stands well trained and decked out in splendor, demonstrating the wealth and abundance of its owner.  It’s full of vitality that is difficult to control, but can be impressive in its display.

Outcome: This horse has learned to temper its exuberance for the pursuit of a greater good or beauty, thanks to many hours of training.  Naturally it may be prone to flightiness but when the time comes, it is ready to perform.

Moral: Many things shine and distract, but through temperance a greater beauty and reward can be achieved.  Utilize this vital energy to achieve a beautiful outcome that resonates with harmony to benefit others as well as yourself.  The imagination can be harnessed to produce something tangibly refined. 

Holy crap that was hard! o.o

Now for card two:


I drew the Knave of Pentacles (or Page, if you prefer that term). 

“Once upon a time, a young man decided he was destined for greatness, and thought that the path to this greatness lies in his personal education and development.  He applied himself to the task of learning to write hieroglyphs, each day copying the strokes and images over and over again in order to achieve perfection.  Although he dreamed big, his dedication to laying the essential groundwork to his success gave him reason to go on.  His youthfulness and enterprising demeanor united with his dogged determination and hard work will guarantee his prosperity.  Because of all his practice and self-sacrifice, he will eventually achieve his goal of becoming a well-respected man in his field of practice.”

CAM00134My last card was the 2 of Wands. 

My story begins with me preparing to kneel at Bast’s altar.  I’ve come a long way from where I began.  I’ve survived very difficult situations relying on my own courage to face things I’ve never had to face before, and so far I’ve been relatively prosperous.  However, I haven’t yet tapped into what true power is, and I can only know it by being courageous enough to give myself up to the will of Bast.  Bast represents true power, because power doesn’t come from me, rather, power uses me as a conduit to express itself.  So it is with Bast.  She is offering me the greatest power of creativity and strength, but only if I wield it from the position of service to others, and not only to myself.  This is a road not often travelled, and will take every ounce of courage to forge this unbeaten path.  However with Bast as my guide, I will be triumphant and successful.

Aren’t my intuitive powers amazing? lol

OK, maybe I cheated a little bit.  I used some of the tarot card descriptions at Learn Tarot to help out with my interpretations.  It’s assumed that at this point I should’ve finished making my keyword charts and also practicing giving advice from the viewpoints of the different court cards.  Eh, later. :3

So there you have it!  Tarot readers, have you done a similar exercise before?  Will you try this exercise to help yourself relate to the messages that the tarot has for us?


Written by Bastemhet

December 9, 2013 at 3:50 pm

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