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You may remember this post that I wrote on Monday about my religious crisis and not being able to feel Bast’s presence in my life despite repeated attempts to understand her and what role she should play in my life.  Although I had been concerned about this for quite some time, it had always stayed on the list of “things I need to take care of just as soon as I stop having too much stress from current life concerns” which includes things like working so that I could put food on the table and clothes on my family’s back since my husband is unemployed.  That blog post was sort of a last ditch effort to assimilate and try to digest what it was that was happening to me, because the religious lack in my life was only part of the problem.  Well, I’m happy to say that just one day later, I received an answer in the form of messages embedded in articles I found online.  Once I realized she had listened, I was filled with a peace that I hadn’t known in a long time.  Bast didn’t give me peace- she led me to it.  She showed me the door, and waited for me to walk through.  She shows me the path and I walk ahead in joy, in thanks.

I think the catalyst was particularly this post found on Fanny Fae’s blog.  It talks about how relationships take work, and it’s the same with a relationship with Netjer.  It also mentions how many people only try to speak with the gods when they need something.  This is an immature way to approach the netjeru and I realize this is what I’ve basically been doing.  I mentioned before that I’ve changed and grown as a person but unfortunately my relationship with Bast didn’t reflect this.  She led me to see that post in order to communicate this to me. 

I asked myself before what kind of relationship I wanted.  Fanny Fae talks about why she works with her gods:

Relationships take work. I am willing to do the work, make the effort, not just because I want something, or that I hope to get anything out of it except a clearer sense of myself and where I am going, the world and how I can be in it and assist others, not just myself.

Remarkably this is exactly the reason why I do Reiki, and am interested in developing myself spiritually further than where I’m at right now (I’ve also found a very useful guide on how to maintain the body of one who practices magic or uses energy).  The relationship I have with Bast is part of this process.  I don’t usually come to Bast with something I want her to fix or want her to give me.  It’s mostly a matter of “I’m stuck.  I don’t know how to move forward.  Show me the way so I can help myself.”  And from Fanny Fae’s post I found another post speaking from a Christian p.o.v. but no less useful.  I found particularly helpful the questions included at the bottom of the post.  It’s as if Bast is showing me that she understands my analytical mind, and even went so far as to provide me the questions I need to ask myself in order to have a good idea of what I want from our mutual relationship.

But I think the most important takeaway message that she’s given me was that relationships take work- something I’ve always been rather dim witted with even with just other humans, let alone divine beings.  She wants me to include her in more of my every day life concerns.  Because even though it’s clear that I am to respect her, that doesn’t mean that she can’t be a part of my daily life.  And I heartily agree.  From here I will be taking small steps to commune with her, appreciate her influence in my life, and let her know how I’m doing, while providing offerings of food along the way.  I think what she’ll value the most, however, is my offering of time.  I dedicate very little of it to myself compared with all the demands that outside influences make of me, so this, for me, is a difficult thing for me to do.  But I’m just glad that I’ve gotten somewhere.  Now the real work begins.


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December 7, 2013 at 2:37 pm

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