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Nefertari Tarot: Temperance (14)

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Visual Card Description:  Ma’at* kneels with her feathered arms outstretched over two jars.  Above her are some hieroglyphs, and below her are some lotus flower decorations. 

Free Association:  Balance, Equilibrium, Self-Mastery, Self-Control 

Rider-Waite/Traditional Associations:  Temperance is a card about balance, in many ways, and relationships of all kinds. Friendships, family, romantic partnerships, and work partnerships all need your attention. This is also a card about alchemy or mixing and matching. You may have to try several approaches to things before you find what is truly right for you.

Although in general all your relationships are likely to be going quite well, you may need to look at your deeper personal issues and see if or how these are standing in your way. And if they are, how to work through them and integrate them. The idea now is to do what it takes to find balance, in yourself, in your relationships, and with your goals and aspirations. 

Meaning from the lwb (little white book that came with this deck):  Moderation, harmony, serenity and spirit of adaptability, happy transformation.  Holiday, rest and healthy entertainment.  Taumaturgical virtues, positive magnetism, recovery. 

My interpretation:   This card is a reminder of the fact that we live in Ma’at when we try to bring into balance all aspects of our lives.  Take this time to look at how you’re doing things and whether you do them reactively or deliberately.  Try to think of ways to do more of the latter and less of the former.

Written by Bastemhet

May 19, 2013 at 11:33 am

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