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I’m a believer in starting projects.  Thing is, I often like to start “extracurricular things” and sometimes fail to…well, finish them.  This may or may not be one of those things.  And now that I’ve written the disclaimer, welcome to the first post of the 78 days tarot project!

The creator of this project is Dusken over at Adventures on the Dusken Path.  You can get to the post on the project itself by clicking the link of the project image on the right hand side of this page.  I will be using the Nefertari Tarot, keeping in with the Kemetic theme of my blog.  I won’t be doing this 78 days straight, however, but will try to churn out at least two per week, most likely on weekends. 

Here you can see the cards but without the BLING of the gold foil backgrounds.

As you can see, the cards are pretty flashy and it’s hard to really see what they’re like in pictures alone since the foil doesn’t come out right. (google this deck and you’ll see what I mean)  I probably won’t even include pictures in every post because I don’t have the best lighting and I have only a camera phone to work with.  Neither do I have a scanner.  What you get is what you get. 

If you feel inspired to join in on the project, you can do as I did and link back to Dusken’s blog using one of her graphics.  She has three to choose from.  Or, you can make your own.

I do have two decks, (actually, make that one tarot deck, and one oracle deck) both of which are Kemetic themed, but this one follows the more traditional Rider-Waite story arc.  I also feel like Bast is calling me to use these to divine for her, since I’ve dedicated my other deck to speaking with my akhu. (you can read about that here)  If I don’t end up doing all of the cards, I’d like to get through the Major Arcana, at the very least.  Here’s hoping my stamina will last that long!

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May 4, 2013 at 8:32 pm

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