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The Ancient Egyptian Daybook

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The Ancient Egyptian Daybook

I know I have a relatively small audience, but I think ANY exposure is good exposure.  A lot of people come to my blog because I had posted an alternative to creating a Kemetic calendar, that is, I had an idea for a fixed calendar.  However I don’t have access to festival lists that I can share with you guys.  This project takes care of that problem.  This is a calendar created by an egyptologist who also happens to be a Kemetic practitioner as well. With this calendar you’ll be able to calculate to your own location, and have a sourced list of celebrations and festivals that were celebrated in AE by Kemetics as well.  So far the 1st goal of getting funding for the book has already been surpassed, but we have one week left to get to the last stretch goal to make a mobile calendar app possible.  Please contribute anything you can if you believe in this project.  I can’t wait to receive my own books!

Written by Bastemhet

March 7, 2013 at 8:21 am

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