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I have been getting an urge lately as if there was something I had to do, and I had a feeling it had something to do with doing reiki.  I decided to clarify this by having a chat with my ancestors using the Anubis Oracle deck.  I used a spread offered in the book that came with the deck called “Sacred Purpose.”  Remember in my last post how I kept wondering what the heck sacred purpose meant?  Well with this spread, my ancestors clue me in as to what that might be, as well as what aspect of that purpose I’m manifesting in my life right now, where I need to be on my path, and what I need to do to manifest my goals. Read on to find out the results.


The spread, along with an offering of water, incense and chocolate to my akhu.

This spread is relatively simple in that it involves only four cards.  Rather than take each netjer mentioned as an influencing force in the spread, the authors advised me to see their characteristics as manifestations of my own persona.  Interpreting these qualities as my own allows me to see how I’m equipped to step into my outer world, and also what qualities I embody as my “gift to the world.” (I’m speshul, you see)  This layout allows me to acknowledge my wholeness- because when I am whole, I am aligned with my divine purpose.  Let’s move on to the interpretation.

The layout is as follows:

First Card: Card 6, Sobek and Horus

(Reconciliation of Opposites, Forgiveness / Understanding)

The first card represents the overarching theme of my sacred purpose, what’s coming down and through me from the “great star nations.”  Upon doing a quick google to figure out what that means, apparently it’s a Native American concept for extraterrestrials.  Nah.  I’m not into that.  This deck can be very accurate for me but it relies on my to take keywords and intuit what it’s really trying to say.  If you’re forced to give a message in a language not your own, there are bound to be limitations.  I’m going to interpret this as knowledge from my akhu, since they’re the stars. (and a bunch of other things, but this will do for now)  I could also interpret this as the part of me that I struggle to understand in this lifetime.  This life’s task or problem, if you will.

The interpretation given for the card by the author is that Horus and Sobek are two opposing forces that all humans contain: the old and the new.  They signify the reconciliation of opposing forces to achieve harmony within.  Sobek here represents strength and fortitude, fertility and rebirth, the reptilian brain that has ancient evolutionary patterns.  Horus, as a hawk deity, is associated with higher mental and spiritual functions, the newer self that wants to evolve and step forward.

This pairing reminds me of a problem that I’ve always had and was confirmed in my natal chart (Moon opposition Mercury).  My mind is very logical and precise, and yet the logical conclusions often contradict with an inner intuition or emotional sense of what’s “right.”  I’ve always struggled with this, especially when I went from dabbling with magix in high school, to the next year being an atheist.  I knew there was something I was on the verge of finding, but my mind told me that all of this was ridiculous hogwash.  The overall theme of my sacred purpose, then, is to align these two opposing forces in order to evolve and step forward, to find a middle path in which both my inner sense and my reason can join forces.

Edit: A friend pointed out that both Horus and Set are traditionally those who were the two at war, and joined to make the netjer Bawy.  Further research into this harmonized deity may be in order.

Second Card: Card VIII, Alchemy

(The Five Sacred Elements)

This second card is what grounds me and supports me, the foundation that holds me on this earth, as the book says.  The phrasing “holds me on this earth” just makes me think of samsara, or the thing that ties me to earth and yet is the thing that I have to overcome in order to free myself from endlessly repeating. (Buddhist concept)  This can be a good thing and a bad thing.  While it serves as a support and foundation, at the same time it keeps my ka here.  There doesn’t always have to be a bad reason to want to stay.  The bodhisattvas stayed on to help mankind as guides when they could have freed themselves as well.  Again, I’m mixing the ideology from the cards with a little bit of my own buddhist ideas.  However I’m in no way well versed in Buddhist philosophy, so if I get something wrong, feel free to correct me!  Anyway, this is a composite card, so I’m going to have to take a look at what each card means briefly in order to get a fuller idea of just what this card’s message is.

The alchemy card is a composite of all of the elements, named “archetypes” by the author; earth, air, fire, water and akasha, or spirit itself.  All of them appear here as embodied forms of the “shamanic mysteries,” and I interpret this as different aspects of the self that all swirl together in the dance of creaivity, death, rebirth and illumination.  Each part is necessary in order for transformation to occur.  All of them have come together to help me on my journey.  In the book, the elements are described as being some of the first beings having manifested after the One breathed itself into being.  We can substitute any one of the Kemetic creation myths here.  These elements manifested as all manner of flora and fauna on earth.  They were separated upon creation, and yet were once united in the Nun.  Therefore these elements together can be considered power (or Sekhem), and is also the divine “stuff” that makes up the netjeru.  This cards reminds us of the Oneness in the Nun that existed before creation divided everything into being.

One thing that is interesting to keep in mind is besides the epithets and traditional spheres of influence that we associate with the netjeru, they also can be understood by their elemental affinities.  The book gives an example of Sekhmet and Wadjet being associated with fire, for the obvious reasons, but also what this association implies: that they express the energy of fire because they both have the capacity to consume and transform.  Because of this they shatter old forms quickly.  Similarly Ptah is associated with earth since his words manifests matter on the physical plane, and Djehuty is associated with air because of his being a bird, and also because of his mental acuity.  And if you’re a monolatrist, we conceive of them separately, as individuals, yet as a whole they are Everything, all of this separate pieces and separate elements combined into Sekhem, or Spirit.

The impetus of humanity is to co-create our own realities with the netjeru, and also to achieve divinity.  If we keep in mind the symbolism of the elements and how they combine and interact on this earth, we can be more aware of the ways that all parts are equal to the One.  I like what the author says: “As we grow more and more refined, we become cognizant that we are temples for spirit and that the elements create through us.”  The netjeru and elements are in every breath, every expression, and we are endlessly becoming.

And now to my interpretation: I assume that some people have more of one elemental quality within them, for example, a person who has more fire may be energetic  but also almost aggressive.  I am really simplifying here, but you get the idea.  Since I have drawn the composite card of all elements, I take it to mean I have the potential to balance all elements within me if I choose to go down that path.   And perhaps it means that I have the blessing of the netjeru in that I can conceive of Sekhem, and be able to utilize it if I decide to go down this path.

Note: The first and second cards are considered the bookends, the guardians of the portal through which all things enter earth.  In my case, I was born equipped with a dueling inner nature, and yet the blessing of spirit to overcome my personal struggle during my time on earth.

Third Card: 0, The Dove, Initiate


The third card represents what I’m walking into or becoming, and how I relate to the “shaman” that is becoming more conscious in me.  It’s about opening my heart and relating to the emerging wisdom within.  Since I’m not a shaman and don’t have any intention to become one, I take this more as a consciousness of the “journeyer” in me, the part of me that is ready to evolve past old forms and habits, to open my heart in loving kindness and to relate to others with compassion.  This is the wisdom that I know was meant for me in this lifetime, and I am in the process of incorporating it into my entire being, not just as an intelligent understanding.

The book describes this card as being representative of the seeker who responds to the call to enter the mysteries. (and yes, I definitely feel like I’m being called to something, but I’m not exactly sure what) The dove is brave in its search for wisdom and truth and learns to trust in innocence hir inner knowing when engaging with the oracle, and also be receptive to transformational forces that zie encounters in hir path.  The olive branch is a sacred offering to those guides and allies that enter in hir life and in our divining journeys.  It is offered with a humble request for permission to enter a relationship or mystery teaching offered in the reading.  This card means purity and new beginnings.  I must discard of my old programming and intellectual skepticism.  I must be open to new information, and a guide or teacher may be entering my life.  I may be drawn to new paths of mystery teachings at this time.  Now is the time to respond fearlessly to that call.

My interpretation: This card is basically repeating another reading I did for myself with the online version of the Anubis Oracle deck.  To give the short version of it, it too told me I was being initiated into something, and because of the placement of one of the cards, it had triple importance.  My ancestors want me to know this is Important Stuff, and is quite possibly one of the most important endings and beginnings that I’m going to undertake in my life.  I feel impatient to know what exactly this is all about but I suppose it’s not so much in the knowing and more in the finding out that I realize its importance.  I was drawn again to Dusken’s blog, specifically astral travel and journeywork.  However, the astral scares the crap out of me, and it’s really not that hard to understand why.  If I’m really going to undertake a Huge Thing like this, I’m going to have to find ways to keep it together first, because my current life has started the process of unraveling (probably beginning with pregnancy and on through all the crap that’s happened to me since then), as much as I’d like to deny it.  I would like to thank Set’s influence at this time.  I am grateful and also angry as fuck.  I imagine that his followers would understand this complicated relationship.  Also, I started up my reiki again, so it may be either of the two, or both, or neither. All I know is that since the last few days in which I’ve been sending reiki I’ve felt freakin’ awesome- one, because it feels GOOD to be a reiki channel, and two, it feels GOOD to send people loving energy that makes them feel better too.  It’s just chocolate chip cookies all around, folks.

Fourth Card: II, Sacred Relationship

(Khnum, Sobek, Horus, Sekhmet, and the Sphinx)

The fourth card is about sacred creation and the gifts that I give from the heart; what I create and offer to the world as my sacred purpose.  This card acts as a completion of the reading, combining the energies of the other cards to manifest my sacred purpose and creations in this world.  And what do you know, Horus and Sobek show up yet again here.  This is also a composite card (actually, all of them were composite except for the dove, which means I’m a complex person, yo).  Khnum here offers physical healing (reiki energy), and the conflicting polarity of intellect and intuition (Horus and Sobek) are reconciled with the healing compassion of Sekhmet as the Sphinx serves as divine messenger (symbol of a guide, possibly ancestors, possibly earth allies).

Khnum expresses the foundation required to bring form to my ideas.  He helps me to enter into shamanic realms (the astral?) to find the ingredients to create physical manifestations in my life in an ordered, sequential way.  He helps with renewal, repatterning and repair.  He also reminds me to be rooted and grounded in my connection to earth, but also provides me with an expanded awareness.  Perhaps I need to find something in the astral to help my duality become whole again.  There’s something missing, something that I need to take from the astral and create here on earth to be fulfilled.  I just don’t know what.  Reiki is a part of it.  I think through reiki I can work on my spiritual sensitivity because as of now I get intuitions or feelings, but I really consider myself almost Spirit deaf.  I don’t find it very easy to understand the “language” or anyone other than my own ancestors or personal deities.  If I take his qualities to mean my own characteristics, I have an ability to combine the energetic with the physical, and this should be my purpose.  It also needs to be a healing purpose, thanks to the appearance of Sekhmet in this composite card.  From conflict and opposition comes transformation.

I thank Seshat for sitting with me while I interpret this spread.  I thank my ancestors for conferring their wisdom upon me.

Written by Bastemhet

December 23, 2012 at 10:46 am

4 Responses

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  1. The 6 Sobek & Heru card is the year card for 2013 as well. This may suggest that your Sacred Purpose is now to be brought to the fore in the coming year…hence your urge and pull towards it at this time as we prepare to move in to that year. 🙂


    December 23, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    • Thanks for your comment HiC. I haven´t heard of a year card before. Could you direct me to where I can learn more about it?


      December 23, 2012 at 10:27 pm

      • There are various methods for doing so…but, the way that I do it…

        For the 2013 number/card, add the four numbers together then reduce (if necessary) until you have :

        Numerology = a single digit number or master number (repeating number, such as 11 or 22)
        Tarot = a number from 1 – 22, each number corresponding to its Major Arcana card (22 is the Fool)

        So…2013 = 2+0+1+3 = 6 Sobek & Horus

        You can also do this for a Year Card (and number), Life Card (and number), Soul Card (and number), etc…

        Year Card/Number (goes from birthday to birthday)
        + Month
        + Year of last birthday
        Total four digit number -> Reduce down (as above)

        Example :
        Birthday of 7 August
        07 (day)
        + 08 (month)
        + 2012 (year of most recent birthday)
        = 2027 = 2+0+2+7 = 11

        Year Number = 11 (master number) – would also consider 2
        Year Card = 11 Bast

        Life Card/Number
        + Month
        + Year of birth
        Total four digit number -> Reduce down (as above)

        Example :
        Birthday of 7 August 1987
        07 (day)
        + 08 (month)
        + 1987 (year of birth)
        = 2002 = 2+0+0+2 = 4

        Life Number = 4
        Life Card = 4 Khnum

        Hope that makes sense. And have fun. 😀

        I base my way of working with these (and there are numerous aspects to calculate and consider) based on Mary K. Greer’s book, Tarot for Your Self


        January 1, 2013 at 12:45 am

      • Ah, that’s really interesting! Thanks for sharing that information, HiC. Are there any other tarot books you would recommend?


        January 2, 2013 at 8:19 am

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