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…as long as you provide an appropriate offering first, of course.  What, you think doing all this stuff doesn’t take time and energy?  Thanks, Mother Bast, for providing when I needed it.  But of course you don’t need to be told how awesome you are, you know that already.  Doesn’t hurt to hear it every now and again, anyway.

So, thanks to a recommendation by SatSekhem I connected with Devo and got to talking with her about astral travel and whether or not I might find some of the info that my ancestors have been telling me I need to look for.  This may or may not turn into an exercise in recording dream travel.  It may be the best way to get at the things in my subconscious that are subtlely poking me and trying to break through.  I know reiki will help me to get more in tune with energy and how to interpret them, so I will continue doing my distance healing and healing myself if I have no volunteers.

I may have mentioned that I have a problem with darkness.  I mean to say that I hate it.  ESPECIALLY the darkness in which you can’t even see your hands.  I chalked this up to childhood traumas, but there may be something more to it.  I especially despise open doors into dark rooms or dark areas (like the closet).  There’s always this feeling that something is going to come through.  And it dawned on me today that doors ARE portals, after all (as well as mirrors and windows, but it’s the doors + dark combo that really gets me).  This is probably not so much an unfounded fear as I thought.  Do any of my readers have any advice on energetically blocking off doorways that I don’t want any creepers getting through?

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December 23, 2012 at 7:33 pm

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  1. I had a problem with darkness for years. As a kid, as an adult. I used to have panic attacks from being in the dark- and it could sometimes be at random. I could sleep okay in the dark for weeeks, and then suddenly one night wake up and have a panic attack from the dark. It was odd.
    I often feel like people who have fear of the dark can sense or see things that might be watching that aren’t there. Or it could be past influences that we don’t realize (such as past life type crap).

    Best way to fix it? Learn how to ward really really well. I have done it before where I will add extra warding/energy to a door way (or my HVAC unit, ironically) to keep things out. Mind you, things can still stand at the door and watch me- but at least they can’t get in. I’m sure there are other ways to learn to conquer the fear of the dark (as I have done pretty well with), but that partially lies in figuring out where the fear stems from.


    December 23, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    • Devo, once all this Christmas stuff blows over I´m going to try and cleanse and ward according to a mix of your stuff and maybe some stuff on Dusken´s blog (though her stuff is pretty advanced for me at the moment). I´m going to reveal the reason the dark scares me in my comment to kallistaqbhwt below and maybe it´ll make more sense. I´m just a little embarassed, is all. :p I know you´re telling me you´ve been afraid too but I can´t really get over that it´s just the freakin´dark, the most natural thing in the world, and yet I feel like it´s the most favorite place of all things supernatural and icky. Or maybe it´s the fact that being forced to downplay one of my senses (sight) my other senses (spirit) gets amped up in the process.


      December 24, 2012 at 8:46 am

  2. Sounds to me like you have a great deal to work on but I think this could be a good start:
    1. Pay attention and give proper maintenance to the physical first: do a good cleanse and then seal off doors, window, even air vents (if you have them) with a mix of sea salt, dill and rosemary and your personal seals (in chalk, pen or even with your finger in the air – this last one will require more often re-applying though).
    2. As for the other doorways I’d say enforce your will on them.and seal them with light. You can do this through meditation or travel (even in the Dream World if that’s your cup of tea). In fact, you can even create a sigil for this purpose. I’ve rarely come across situations when something actually did come out when the person didn’t want it to. You are Your Own. Nothing is allowed through, you’re in charge of your own Space and Time. Empower yourself and KNOW that nothing you don’t want in is allowed through those doorways.
    3. Shadow Work. I cannot stress how important this is. Shadow Work can help you find out and understand the root of your problem and working it out (like releasing the fear and empowering yourself. Or things like where the fear stems from: is there something in your past which decided to watch you now? Is it something that has to do with future fears? Or something in the spiritual world which has taken an interest and you’re zooming in on it on an instinctual level? Is it something that can actually be beneficial but you fear it just because you don’t know what it is or what it wants? Shadow Work can offer a lot of answers and empowerment). Incidentally, I have to ask: as a child, before going falling asleep in your bed, did you use to see shadows moving in the dark?
    4. Ask for your Powers to protect you. Set lights, make offerings and pray.
    This is all I can think of for now, I hope it helps you in some way.


    December 24, 2012 at 7:13 am

    • 1. Very good advice, and I will definitely do this after Christmas is over and I have a little time to clean. I plan on using a spray mix of water with natron and frankincense incense since it´s more appropriate to my path. Will using reiki symbols work or would it be best to think up my own sigils?

      2. Again, would the reiki power symbol in particular work here?

      3. Here is where the long answer goes. Actually I´ve heard a lot about Shadow Work and I´d really like to do it. I´m tired of living by reacting. This is part of the reason I´m starting to use reiki again because of the meditation that goes with it, compounded with a bunch of crappy unravelling and bad feelings in my personal life. But as for where the fear of the dark started…

      When I was pretty young (maybe about 6? 7? I can´t remember now) my grandmother used to own a restaurant and they had one of these big metal door walk in fridges with shelves. They didn´t usually use the refridgeration so it was just a walk in storage area with a cot in it, about the size of a small bathroom with no tub. Well, one day they were repainting the walls, and apparently I had decided it would be a good idea to finger paint on the freshly painted walls. My uncle didn´t like that. To punish me, he shut me into the fridge area. This was probably one of the most terrifying moments of my life. No amount of screaming or pounding on the metal door would help so I pretty much sat sobbing until I couldn´t anymore on the cot. I specifically remember waving my hands in front of my face, trying to see my fingers at least, and not seeing a thing. Time pretty much lost meaning in there, and the worst part was that I was there at the will of my uncle. It felt like a long time before he let me out, because I had stopped crying long before he did.

      Back when I was about 7-11 years old (can´t remember the exact age), my cousins and aunts lived with us in our home. My cousin was in charge of putting us to bed. In one room, above the closests, there was a litlte white crawl space that we saw the door of, but nobody ever went up there or used it. She told me this was the door to Mario land, and that if I didn´t sleep, Koopa would come through and kill me. Similarly, when we moved to a different room to sleep, the closet door was left open, and my cousin told me that if I didn´t sleep, the boogeyman in the closet would eat me. I think I spent most of that night staring in fear at the closet door into the darkness, and I swear I saw a black mass with red eyes looking out at me. Not that I SAW them saw them, but I FELT them. Needless to say I demanded that the door be closed before I sleep. Same thing with the bed, they had to check if there was anything under there. Scared to the point that even if I was dying to pee in the middle of the night I would not step down because I didn´t know if anything under there would get me. I´m thinking it´s quite possible that I birthed a thoughtform because of these experiences.

      And the last thing that haunted me (and I really ask myself if I was being haunted) is a few years later when I was 11-12ish I liked to stay up and watch t.v. or play video games past the time that everyone else would go to sleep. Problem is the light for the stairs you could only turn off downstairs, and the next light was the hall light upstairs, so I was pretty much forced to go up in complete darkness. Going up the stairs was the worst. I always felt like something was chasing me because I would literally RUN. This same feeling followed me to another house. I continued to feel like something chased me up the stairs until I moved out of there when I was about 24. I remember trying to force myself to be calm while going up (even with the light turned on) because late at night there were weird noises in that house, like slow, shuffling steps going up and down the stairs when no one was awake.

      So yeah. Sorry for the huge answer. tl;dr version, my family thought it would be great to punish me by making me afraid of the dark. :/ So how do I get rid of this fear besides forcing myself to sit in a completely dark room without losing it?

      4. I have a weird thing about this. I know it´s typical for deities to be asked to be guides while travelling but I always get this feeling that I don´t want to bother Bast with this mundane stuff. Does that make sense? I am trying to accept that it´s a give and take like with any other friendship but my relationship with her is basically me servant, her the boss. I have considered trying to create a servitor and merge it with the thoughtform that I created to fight off mean spirits that try and attack me, but I´m not doing too great at maintaining it. Any advice on this?

      Ugh…thank you for reading this at any rate, even if you don´t have any idea how to help. Any, and I mean any suggestion is appreciated.


      December 24, 2012 at 9:05 am

      • No too long at all 🙂
        As for 1, sure. I love the natron+frankincense, in fact I use a sea salt+frankincense mix at times too (didn’t get around to making natron yet).
        As for 2, I don’t know much about reiki, but if that power symbol bears meaning and power to you personally then I believe it should work fine.
        And on to 3: I do understand completely where you’re coming from, the reason I’ve asked is because I have had similar experiences myself (eerily similar in fact). There’s two possibilities in such a case: either there WAS something there keeping an eye on you or indeed you birthed some strange thoughtform. From reading your words however (you said you FELT them) I’m inclined more towards the first option. Even more so since I’ve been told by many practitioners of various flavours that children are more exposed to the Spirit world than adults are. Now your fear could very well be explained by simply the fact that you were made to believe by others that ‘the boogeyman will eat you’ or you’re otherwise in danger of what lies in the dark. For all we know in this moment of time it could have been a benevolent entity but your fears turned it into something completely different in your subconscious and conscious mind. This is where the Shadow Work comes into play. You can discover that on your own. And generally the first step in conquering your fear is facing it and looking it right in the eye and therefore understanding it and ultimately conquering it. [Personally I’m partial to the ‘shock therapy’ (i.e. facing your fears cold turkey) but I’m well aware it does not suit everyone, in fact it can do more damage than good in certain cases. I’d say take one step at a time and if you have a friend or trusted practitioner who could act as a guardian for you, it would be great. I think you need to get accustomed to the dark and more comfortable with it, not just the outer dark but the inner one as well. Dark can be good for you in many instances. Try acknowledging the good and just being aware of the dangers that may lie in it instead of letting the fear overcome you]
        I’ve had the feeling of literally being chased, I would run as well. This was happening near a graveyard right on the edge of the woods in the country side where I used to spend my summers. I didn’t know what scared me so badly about it but every time I would come nearby (I had to take a short 2-3 minute walk through the woods to get to my aunt’s house so I had to pass by the graveyard) I would run as fast as I could not looking back for fear whatever was behind me would literally eat me alive. Took quite a few years of facing that graveyard (which was quite the friendly place when I visited it with my grandmother – her mother is buried there) to overcome that fear.
        And also, execration would be good too in your case. As formal or casual you might want to go about it, just execrate that nameless fear (I say nameless because that’s what it is at this point. If you discover its name, you’ll have even more power over it). It takes a lot of effort to work on one’s fears but the feeling of liberation one gets after that is quite amazing.
        Also, have you done any type of divination regarding the matter?

        And lastly, as for 4. I understand completely. I’d say that even with such a relationship it can be possible to ask for help. Think of it this way: would Bast not help you in this instance, even if it were just to be able to serve Her better? I would think that if you propose some form of votive offering upon the completion of this task, in exchange for Her help. Something that she’d REALLY love.

        I would add that, in personal experience, Seth is the one for Shadow Work. I can personally vouch for how kick ass He is in such cases. However, He’ll want some sort of ‘payment’. Even if it’s just a rare bloody steak and some red wine. Although I’m not sure if Bast would be comfortable with that (I’ve rarely worked for and with Her and She is after all your primary), so I’d run that by Her first and foremost. I think it’s important to always ask your primary Deity in such cases. (For me it’s always worked out alright, Anubis is comfortable with most Netjeru,, even with naughty Seth)


        December 24, 2012 at 9:52 am

  3. @Kallista, doesn’t let me reply to you again so I’ll reply here. I’m going to get on the natron spray bottle once the stores open again. The power symbol is great because I can empower it with intention and to direct the flow of energy that I already use, so I think I’ll use it for these purposes too.

    “For all we know in this moment of time it could have been a benevolent entity but your fears turned it into something completely different in your subconscious and conscious mind.”

    This is possible. Actually just yesterday I decided to offer something particularly suitable to an akh that I don’t have much experience with, and he came back around later again to do something weird. He took me by the arms and started putting some pressure on my third eye. Now, it could’ve been him, trying to help me open up spiritually to be able to communicate, or it could’ve been SOME CREEPY SPIRIT INVADING MY PERSONAL SPACE THAT I’M NOT COOL WITH. So I dunno. I really hate not really knowing, but when that spirit came my akh popped back into my head so I assume it was him. 😦 I tend to just get icky feelings when ANY spirit is around that I can’t identify, unless it’s my deities, in which case I always feel good around them. Do you have any suggestions on how to figure out who and what is there?

    I’m going to do an execration and divination. Duh. Those are some obvious things I could do that I didn’t think of, so thanks for the recommend.

    I will think about a votive offering…she has a perfume that I offered her before, but maybe I can promise to anoint her with it more often, or promise to do a certain task. I don’t know. Set I think may have already let me know he’s around since he showed up in a reading, or it may have just been my akhu using the Set card so that I could understand that yes, you are going through some shit right now. I will have to chat with Bast about that.


    December 24, 2012 at 10:55 am

    • I think your safest bet would be to ask you akh if it’s him that’s giving you these feelings of being watched or something/someone else [in which case ask who/what]. I’d interpret him putting pressure on your third eye as trying to tell you that you need to be more aware of your spiritual environment and endeavours (or as you say, open you up more). However (this is purely personal experience speaking again) it is healthy to set boundaries even with such Entities. I’m saying this because you mention you don’t have much experience with him so I imagine the relationship is still budding. It’s perfectly okay to set boundaries. Like asking to tell you WHY he’s doing this and that, and of course if it makes you uncomfortable, ask to slow down or even stop. It’s just healthy practice in my opinion.
      And hey, don’t feel bad or discouraged that you get these feelings around Spirits you can’t identify, I could tell you stories of some of my own encounters (some which are quite funny if I think about it). I mean, say you met a stranger on the street trying to speak to you in a foreign language. For all you know it could be your long lost cousin moved to some other country and he just wants to get together and catch up, but you can’t know that for sure the moment you meet him, so it’s absolutely normal (and safe) to be on your guard, ya know?

      Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Seth is around already. [By the way, He likes freaking out people sometimes, think of it of a sort of test. Also His energies can seem heavy and gloomy for those unfamiliar with Him on a closer level. Again, I could tell you stories lol]

      Do have a chit chat with your lovely Lady and see what comes up. (I don’t know Her as well as you, but what I do know of Her is that She can be extremely kind and loving, I don’t think She’d have reasons not to help you in this situation)

      But yeah, I just read your new post, looks like a great list to me so best of luck with everything 🙂
      If you need anything else let me know. And if it’s something you’d rather keep in private, you can always e-mail me.

      Best wishes!


      December 24, 2012 at 6:45 pm

      • I think it was actually the first time I even interacted with him really, so I will definitely be trying to contact again and set some ground rules. I appreciate if that was his intention, but I’m not cool with strangers getting up in my biz without permission first. But it’s funny that you mention heaviness, because that’s exactly what I felt when I was grabbed by the arms. Heaviness, a little ick factor, and pressure. I attributed the ick to my own personal spiritual heebie-jeebies. I dunno. I will be getting in contact with Bast as soon as I can.

        Thank you so much for the offer. You know I intend the same. I don’t remember if my e-mail is on this site but I’ll update my gravatar page just in case. Warm, happy feelings to you. 🙂


        December 25, 2012 at 11:11 am

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