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So, this blog had sadly gone by the wayside due to lots of stress and general Life Stuff that tends to get in the way of spiritual development.  Y’all know how that is.  Actually, now that I’m on my Christmas break I’d like to try and jump start my studies again.  Just like last time.  I just hope that this time it lasts a little longer.  Perhaps a post on the “Dark Night of the Soul” is in order for the KIN blog.  It’s about time that I post there again as well.

But as for the shift I’m talking about, a lot of people are saying that the end of the Mayan calendar is more a beginning of a shift in consciousness toward higher vibrations.  Don’t ask me to explain because I don’t have it that clear either.  My understanding is that according to quantum physics everything has a vibration.  From there we add the magix talk in to say that the point of energy healing is to make your vibrations vibrate…er, more highly.  A higher, crisper, cleaner vibration = healthyness and spiritual development.  Whether you accept this as true or not is up to you.  I don’t have an opinion yet, anyway.  But I noticed that I was taken by a sudden urge to do more Reiki and this happened to coincide with the Mayan apocalypse (lol).

So this is me posting an open invitation with no expiration date to give free reiki distance healing if you so desire.  Comment on this post if you’re interested.  I also accept trade with whatever you have going on, be it protective magic, other energy work, divination, whathaveyou.  Just please let me know before you do anything because I may or may not need it.  Last time I asked for reiki/energy work from a forum when I was sick my energy got wayyyy out of whack.  Really not looking to repeat that experience again.

Also, welcome to my new followers!

Written by Bastemhet

December 22, 2012 at 11:22 am

Posted in daily life

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