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This is more a reminder post for me than anything else, but I do think it can be interesting to see what other people in the faith are doing.

1. Besides being an active member in the HoN and KIN boards, I plan on trying to make a Kemetic Devotional based on everyday ways to live in Ma’at.  I’ve gotten the Karenga book on Ma’at as a moral ideal, and plan on studying it to find quotes or ideas on how to live in Ma’at and maybe from there find or write prompts to let other people in the Kemetic community contribute.  I would like to donate part of the proceeds to a charity, so that the act of buying the book itself is an act of Ma’at!  I know I’ve pretty much abandoned going over the purifications I started this blog with, but I wasn’t really feeling the setup.

2. As part of a work trade for the cost of my RPD since I’m currently jobless, I’ve been translating the Beginner’s Lessons of HoN into Spanish. This is quite the project and time consuming since I have my boyfriend go over the finished results and there is still a lot of correcting to do, but I’m happy this helps the community and also gives me a chance to work on my Spanish, even if I am basically fluent already.

3. I’ve recently gotten the book and card deck for the Anubis Oracle since I’ve had such good results with it, and I also just ordered the Shamanic Mysteries of Ancient Egypt book that contains meditations on the netjeru.  I hope to use the cards as a way to communicate with Akhu, or rather, have a more tangible way to communicate with them rather than just hunches.  I really look forward to getting into divination again.  I’ve dabbled with the Rider Waite and Osho Zen tarot decks but I never really resonated with them.  The artwork with the Anubis Oracle is pretty nice, and it’s good to have been able to find something that works within my own context (even if there is a bunch of shamanic concepts thrown in there, I’ll have to decide whether I want to incorporate that into my practice or not).

4. This is more a personal thing but I just started using Evernote and have put it on sharing to everyone.  I keep my Kemetic research notes on there.  Here are the links:

5. Future projects include re-writing myths as children’s stories, and having my sister illustrate them.  This also helps her since it gives her something to put on her resume, and I would love to see more children’s lit. out there considering I want something to share with my daughter as well.

6. Upcoming posts include a massive link list to the best of the best in resources that I’ve come across so far.  I also plan on visiting my Akhu this weekend for the Wab festival, so I hope to write something up on that.


I’m currently in the U.S. visiting friends and family so I’m not sure how active I can be online, but I figured I might as well get this stuff down before I forget anything.  What are your projects?

Written by Bastemhet

August 17, 2011 at 7:55 pm

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