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A friend of mine once told me, “There is a certain point where a confluence of coincidences turn into synchronicity,” and I couldn’t agree more.  I first thought that Djehuty had something to do with that calling I mentioned before.  I recently did a free oracle reading with the Anubis Oracle cards, and my question was whether I was on the right path.  One of the three cards told me I had some Cosmic Influences, namely Djehuty, Khephera and Ma’at, and that they are helping me to take the next step in the path of my destiny.  Trippy!  Especially since Helmsman of Yinepu wrote this little bit on Djehuty in the KIN forums soon after:

With Djehuty, I didn’t really connect with him until I got past the "Lord of Wisdom" aspects. He’s always meddling with things, trying to bring about balance. He’s the one who gambled with Khonsu to create the extra days so Nut could deliver her children. He’s the one who made a new eye for Heru, and new testicles for Set, and got them to stop fighting. Djehuty’s the one who went to talk to Het-hert when she was in the desert, and persuaded her to return to Kemet. He’s the one who sticks his beak into negative situations, sometimes at great personal risk, to fix things.
Thinking about that made all the difference for me. And I think the wisdom and Heka just flows out of that, naturally.

The other interesting thing I’ve run into is that he is sometimes described as the Son of Set and Heru. ( !!!!!!! ) Two male parents, but if Atum can create things all by himself by spitting, sneezing, and ejaculating, then why not? That brings a whole new dimension to the conflict between Set and Heru, doesn’t it?

That would make Djehuty the male equivalent of Ma’at. While Ma’at is the center of the balance, Djehuty is the balance of the two extremes, combined into one. That’s why he’s in the Hall of Double Ma’at!

I didn’t go into it much more than saying Djehuty intimidated me on the forums, but I will explain.  Djehuty to me is a sage, a master of knowledge.  He takes students when they’re ready for him.  Even though I’ve been researching and learning for years, I think my reactive attitude and natural skepticism had impeded me from learning more.  When I put aside my biases and gave KO a try, I ended up learning a lot more, and it has ended up adding some gushes water to some streams of thought that were starting to run dry.  I’m not saying that Djehuty favors KO, but I think he noticed that I pushed past my own blocks for the sake of pure knowledge itself, and he appreciates that.  This is why I thought he might have something to do with taking the next steps in my development, and I felt even to the point that he may be willing to take me on as a student now.  I have no idea if he will show up in my RPD lineup, but I have a feeling that I wouldn’t be too surprised if he is one of my beloveds.  Even if not, I plan on setting aside a special little treat for him next time I do Senut, as a thank you for guiding me.  Even just a little bit of nudging has led to a shift into a new cycle for me, and that is just how amazing he is.  Nekhtet!

Written by Bastemhet

August 5, 2011 at 11:48 am

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