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Purification 9 part 2

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This is an extension to Purification 9.

I was thinking about it more and came across a post on The Cauldron by fiamma that made a helpful observation about the difference between offerings and sharing food.  Though of course, not everyone feels like the gods are in the same sort of relationship as they are with their friends, this comparison was made: there is a difference between planning a special dinner with friends and preparing to give them the best meal you can give them, and having a friend drop by unannounced and offering some of the food you prepared for yourself for a snack.  While it may not be always appropriate to share food you were already eating or giving the gods something less than fresh, healthful foods, I’m sure the netjeru may be pleased with the thought at least of offering something.  Ultimately your own relationship with them and what they let you know that they like and don’t like will drive your choices, but it’s good to think about how your own actions come across the netjeru, as a relationship takes two people.  Or one person and one netjer!

Written by Bastemhet

August 20, 2010 at 11:33 pm

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