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I’ve been working on trying to find a calendar that can be universalized and easily accessible, rather than force people to make astronomical calculations for a very confusing (and imperfect) Kemetic calendar system.  My solution is to calculate the rise of Sopdet from Cairo, and then create a fixed idealized calendar rather than continue the wandering calendars that Kemet had (essentially going by the calendar reform initiated by Augustus in the Late Period of Kemet).

The calendar can be found here:

You can further read the reasoning and how this calendar came about by checking the forum post at the Reformed Kemeticism SIG at The Cauldron:

I also have maintain the Kemetic Reconstructionism page on Facebook, and you can see my process of calculating the calendar by checking the discussion post “Kemetic New Year”:!/topic.php?uid=99660027226&topic=15701

Written by Bastemhet

August 19, 2010 at 7:02 am

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