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Purification 2

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For an explanation of this series, read the introduction here.

Hail Hept-seshet, coming from Kher-aha, I do not steal (literally, “there is no stealing [in] me.”)

From Rev. Siuda’s Daily Devotions site:

Our second purification invokes the local spirit (“Flame-embracer”) of Kher-aha, moving outward from Iunu and toward the city of Mennefer (Memphis), a district called later in antiquity Babylon and today associated with Old Cairo.

This purification is a bit straightforward, but I would like to bring up other aspects of how theft can manifest itself.  There is of course the physical theft of taking that which does not belong to you.  There is also theft of knowledge, which can manifest as a lie.  There is theft of words, or plagiarism.  You can also steal time from others by not showing up to appointments on time. (I am really guilty of this)  By trying to do things for others rather than give them the tools necessary to help themselves, you rob them of their independence.  And you steal hope from people when you do Isfet and do nothing to rectify the situation.

As far as the physical aspect goes, I’d be careful not to equate the idea that ancient Kemetics believed people had a right to their own property with  “having stuff is good”-USA-brand capitalism.  “Having stuff is good” in the US goes hand in hand with the idea that “you must have more stuff or your life is incomplete/lesser/a failure.”  This brings to mind the poignant video The Story of Stuff in which this urge to own things is artificially instilled in us by the media.  In Kemet, one hoped to have prosperity, but moderation and generosity were also valued.  In working toward both ends, one accomplishes balance.

For this purification, I will reflect on how my actions may steal from others, and try to avoid this while working toward my own prosperity.

Written by Bastemhet

July 28, 2010 at 5:41 am

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